Feel free to submit pull requests when you find my typos or have comments. The covered materials are by no means an exhaustive list of machine learning, but are contents that we have taught or plan to teach in my machine learning introductory course.

Course Schedule and Notes

The lecture schedule below is tentative and is continually subject to change; We will move at whatever pace we find comfortable.  

No. Date Week Title Lecture Lecture
ExtraNotes Assignment
In (Due)
0 Aug, 16 W0- Logistics Announcements (Please click!) Q0 PDF of Quiz0 for minimal background test
1 Aug, 30 W1-Th Introduction Slide: L01-intro current Numpy Tutorial
2 Sep, 4 W2-Tu Algebra Review Slide: L02-review current L02extra-algnotes Useful Math HW1
3 Sep, 6 W2-Th Linear Regression Slide: L03-lr current Useful
4 Sep, 11 W3-Tu More for LR and Evaluation Pipeline Slide: L03-pipelineEvaluation current Useful API +Video4 Evaluate
5 Sep, 13 W3-Th Optimization for LR Slide: L04-lropt current Useful SGD
6 Sep, 18 W4-Tu Nonlinear Regression Slide: L05-lrExtend-SelectModel current Useful HW2 HW1 due on Monday (17th midnight)
7 Sep, 20 W4-Th Linear Prediction with Regularization Slide: L06-lrReg current L06extra-lrRegOpm Useful
8 Sep, 25 W5-Tu Lasso and Feature Selection Slide: L08-regReview current L07-feaSelc Elastic paper
9 Sep, 27 W5-Th supervised classification Slide: L09-SCbasic current L08-regReview Useful Video
10 Oct, 2 W6-Tu KNN and Theory Slide: L10-KNNbiasVariance current Useful BiasVar
11 Oct, 4 W6-Th KNN and Theory Slide: L10-KNNbiasVariance current L11-LibSVMGuide Useful SVM HW3 HW2 (due on Sat8pm)
12 Oct, 11 W7-Th SVM Slide: L11-SVM-basic current L11-LibSVMGuide Useful VC Dimension
13 Oct, 16 W8-Tu SVM, Kernel Slide: L11-SVM-kerneltrick current L11Extra-SVMoptimDual Useful SMO
14 Oct, 18 W8-Th SVM, Dual Slide: L11-SVM-optimDual current L11-whiteBoardSVM Paper SMO HW3 (due on Sun)
15 Oct, 23 W9-Th ProbReview + MLE Slide: L12-ProbReview current L13-MLE Useful MLE
16 Oct, 25 W9-Tu Midterm compare classifiers
17 Oct, 30 W10-Tu Logistic and MLE Slide: L13-MLE current L12-ProbReview useful code
18 Nov, 1 W10-Th Logistic and NN Slide: L14-Logistic current L14extra-Logistic useful code HW4
19 Nov, 6 W11-Tu NN and Deep Learning Slide: L15-NNB current L15extra-deepReview useful video
20 Nov, 8 W11-Th NN and Deep Learning Slide: L15_how_CNNs_BrandonRohrer current L15extra-deepReview useful CNN
21 Nov, 10 W11-Sat PCA Slide: L16-PCA Extra Self Study L07-feaSelc DNN Cheatsheets
22 Nov, 13 W12-Tu Generative Classification Slide: L17-BC current L17extra-GenerDiscr
23 Nov, 15 W12-Th NaiveBC Text Slide: L17-NBCtext current L17extra-GenerDiscr HW5 HW4 (due on Sat)
24 Nov, 20 W13-Tu DecisionTree and RF Slide: L18-DTRF current xgboost
25 Nov, 27 W14-Tu Clustering Hier Slide: L19-clustering1 current compare Hier clusterings
26 Nov, 29 W14-Th Clustering Partition Slide: L20-clustering2 current compare clusterings HW6 HW5 (due on Sat)
27 Dec, 4 W15-Tu Clustering GMM Slide: L21-clustering3 current L21extra-EM EM primer
28 Dec, 6 W15-Th Review Slide: L22-review current ML Cheatsheets
29 Dec, 10 W16-Th Final Exam Slide: The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning.PDF HW6 (due on Dec 12th)