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Title: Educated

  • by Tara Westover

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  • A Powerful memoir. A inspiring story. Difficult to read. Impossible to put down.

  • The story is about: a religious fanatic father, hoarding food and guns, keeping his family off the public systems, not having birth certificates, not getting medical treatments and avoiding the government at all cost.

  • The most horrific part was that: keeping children out of school under the cause of paranoia, the preparation for the “Days of Abomination”; Plus the brutality by her brother Shown’s.. too awful!

  • Another horrific part was that her mother’s healing herbs used to treat the most horrible head injury or burns from gasoline due to an explosion, plus her mother’s subservience to her husband, and many family neglect in the name of religious beliefs and in reality mental illness.

  • The writing is beautiful, especially on the struggle between how Tara found the will to rise while she was torn with the sense of loyalty to her family, Tara struggled for years to discover who she was, who she could be - a scholar, a writer, an independent woman.

  • This is one of the few novel books that I even write notes on!