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  • Strategy using mind map for important life-stage planning
  • DaVinci review of your mind map :
    1. Am I Asking the right question?
    2. How to improve my ability to learn from experience ?
    3. What is my plan to strengthen when aging?
    4. What is plan to sharpen my ability?
    5. Am I balancing?
    6. How to nurture the balance
    7. How to connect all things well?
  • One hour per day for a few days to draw your mind map
  • Day1: Sketch with big keywords, representing big areas you care / Ask yourself what you want in each
  • Day2: draw multiple colors in depth of each area / e.g. , what questions in each? / where questions?
  • Day3: clarify each goal/ asking why you have those goals in day2? Now make a list of your top10 values / match your values with your goals
  • Day4: ask yourself what is your life purposes. A stream of writing about a statement of purposes with 20words or less / rewriting until you know/ask what are negative purposes ?
  • Day5: add perspectives/ e.g. what is the current status of each goal you listed in day1?
  • Day6: new mind map to find connections among goals, now make a big mind map as vivid as possible / read it to find repeated keywords/ are my goals and purposes matching? / is my life in proportion? With correct priority?
  • Day7: change mind map into a 5year plan to realize each goal / measurable? Actionable? Now? / weekly mind-map plan ? Checking if matching with the overall plan? / each day 5 to 10 mind to review your plan and mind map