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  • Inspiring, a life-changing book

  • The author’s comments: we can’t just mandate and legislate our way to gender equality. We have to substantially change our attitudes and behavior – both men and women!
  1. Treat your career like a jungle gym.
    • there are so many ways to get to your destination!
    • plan both for the short and long term.
    • long-term dream can help you decide what kind of work to take on, even if it’s not entirely clear
    • short-term (e.g., 18-month) goals, make you have a solid sense of direction, without too much pressure.
  2. Learn to strike a balance between ambition and appeal.
    • “women to cultivate the right public image to advance their career is like walking on a tightrope”.
    • “can’t be too ambitious, because others will just perceive you as rude, which often happens when women are assertive and go for what they want.”
    • ” If too nice though, people will not take you seriously,”
    • Be nice and accommodating, but draw clear lines when you notice others approach them.
    • “also helps to generalize and argue on behalf of a group, rather than yourself, as well as quoting other leaders and industry statistics and facts.”
  3. Before you become a mother, lean into your career as much as you can.
    • “The one thing you should avoid at all costs is giving up before you have to, just because society tells you too.”
    • “go full throttle for as long as you can, take opportunities, give it a shot …”
  4. Some concerning numbers / good tips from the book, e.g.
    • percentage of women works full-time 20 years after graduating college
    • self-doubting syndrome damages women’s confidence more than men’s
    • to get a mentor instead of asking for one
    • encourage dad’s doing their job in the house
    • Why guilt management is more important for women than time management