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Title: The-First-20-Hours- HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING… FAST!

  • By: Josh-Kaufman

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  • Not recommended.. the author spends a majority of the book explaining what he learned (Yoga, Programming, touch typing, Go, Ukelele, Windsurfing) rather than how he learned it.

  • It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, it only takes 20 hours to become proficient, if working smart.

  • A basic method:

    1. Choose a loveable project
    2. Focus on one project at a time
    3. Define your target performance level
    4. Deconstruct the skill into subskills
    5. Obtain critical tools
    6. Eliminate barriers to practice
    7. Make dedicated time for practice
    8. Create fast feedback loops
    9. Practice by the clock in short bursts
    10. Emphasize quantity and speed