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Book title: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard Book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

  1. Three main factors for a decision
    • This book teaches how make a change through the image of a rider, directing an elephant, on a path from A to B.
    • The rider is the rational (often problem-focused and over-researching) mind
    • The elephant is the emotional (sometimes out-of-control) side, and
    • the path is shaping the situation (badly done may freak the two previous parts and make things complicated).
  2. To direct the rider to do something, you can
    • 1) Find the bright spot; (go through your past experience and find instances in which something was working for you)
    • 2) script the critical moves; (have to give detailed instructions)
    • 3) point to the destination.
  3. To motivate the elephant, you can:
    • 1) find the feeling; (making people feel something - fear, compassion, indignity, absurdity, anything. )
    • 2) shrink the change; (break down the change into manageable size)
    • 3) grow the people. (by cultivating an identity; and the growth mindset.)
  4. To shape the path
    • 1) tweak the environment; (make easier to do one thing over another)
    • 2) build habits; ( “action triggers”, checklists)
    • 3) rally the herd. (behavior is contagious; social pressure effectively like stand-up meetings; Having spaces for people to talk and rally.)