Website for 2020-Fall-UVA-CS Machine Learning: Machine Learning Foundation, Deep Learning and Good Uses (Undergraduate Advanced)

Course Schedule and Notes

The lectures' schedule below is tentative and is continually subject to change; We will move at whatever pace we find comfortable.  

Date Week Qz Title / Post Lecture PDF Focus Video (Split2Modules) Study Note
0825 W1 Introduction Slides: S0-Intro basics M1 / M2 / M3 Numpy Tutorial
Extra Extra Algebra Review Slides: S0-AlgbReview prerequisite scikit-learn tutorials Khanacademy Math + CMU study note
Platform Platform Scikit-learn Slides: S0-scikit-learn library How install basic tutorial + scikit-learn code examples

Section 1 - Basics Supervised & On Tabular Input Type

0827 W1 Machine Learning in a Nutshell Slides: S1-nutshell basics M1 / M2 / M3 two modes running example
0901 W2 Q1 Linear Regression Slides: S1-LinearReg tabular M1 / M2 / M3 / M4 linear regression coderun + regression on COVID19
0903 W2 GD and SGD for LR Slides: S1-LROptimization tabular M1 + M2 SGD Jupyter notebook + numpy linalg
0908 W3 Q2 LR with basis Slides: S1-LRSelectExtend tabular M1 + M2 polynomial regression notebook + RBF regression notebook
0910 W3 Workflow for model selection Slides: S1-ModelSelect tabular M1 hyperpara select notebook + flow API
0915 W4 Q3 Linear Prediction with Regularization Slides: S1-lrRegularized tabular M1 + M2 + Extra M3 notebook regularized RBF regression + old video on advanced
0917 W4 KNN and Theory Slides: S1-KNN tabular M1 + M2 kNN notebook
0922 W5 Q4 Bias Variance Tradeoff Slides: S1-biasVariance theory M1 + M2 notebook validation and learning curves
Platform Platform machine leanring in the AWS cloud Slides: Not-Here library video Invited Speaker
Extra Extra Lasso and Elastic Net Slides: S1-lrRegularized tabular Extra M3 Elastic paper

Section 2 - Deep on 2D Grid Type (e.g. Imaging)

0924 W5 ProbReview + MLE Slides: S2-MLE basics M1 Error Metrics
0929 W6 Q5 Logistic and NN Slides: S2-LogisticRegression structured M1 + M2 code + compare classifiers
1001 W6 NN and Deep Learning Slides: S2-deepNNBasics structured M1+ M2+ M3+ M4 DNN Cheatsheets
1006 W7 Q6 CNN Slides: S2-deepImageCNN 2d(vision) M1+ M2 Keras + FastAI examples
1008 W7 PCA, Feature Selection Slides: S2-dimReduce 2d(vision) M1 Great PCA Video + PCA Notebook
Extra Extra auto differentiation Slides: Not-Ready advanced

Section 3 - Deep ang Generative on 1D Sequence Type (e.g. Language Text)

Extra Extra Feature Selection Slides: S3-feaSelc tabular (Extra M2 + M3 ) ELS Ch3.4 and Ch3.3 + API
1013 W8 Q7 pyTorch + Keras Slides: S3-L0-Keras library see slack S3-L0-pytorch + FastAI Cov19-Notebook
1015 W8 Prob Review Slides: S3-ProbReview prerequisite M1 + M2
1020 W9 Q8 Generative Classification Slides: S3-GenerativeBayesClassify basics M1 + M2 + (Extra M3 ) text NBC notebook
1022 W9 NaiveBC on Text Slides: S3-NBCtext 1D(Text) M1 + M2 + (Extra M3 + M4) text NBC notebook
1027 W10 Q9 Recent deep learning on Text Slides: S3-deepNNtext 1D(Text) M1 + M2 + M3 Keras Notebook on DNN text
1029 W10 Quick survey of recent deep learning Slides: S3-deepNNSurvey survey M1 + M2 + M3 + M4 DNN Cheatsheets
Platform Platform adversarial text Slides: S3-TextAttack library Invited Speaker
Platform Platform deep RL Gym Slides: S5-RL-basics library Invited Speaker
Extra Extra Gaussian GBC Slides: S3-GaussianGBC tabular Extra M4 Paper Discr vs. Genera
Extra Extra Learning to Generate Slides: Not-Ready 1D(Text)
Extra Extra probabilistic programming Slides: Not-Ready advanced

Section 4 - More Advanced Supervsied on Tabular Type

1103 W11 Q10 SVM Slides: S4-SVM-basic tabular M1 + M2 PCA+SVM Notebook
1105 W11 SVM, Kernel Slides: S4-SVM-kerneltrick structured M1 + M2 + M3 + (Extra M4) Practical Guide
1110 W12 Q11 DecisionTree and Bagging Slides: S4-DecisionTree tabular M1 + M2 + M3
1112 W12 RF and Boosting Slides: S4-DT-Ensemble tabular M1 + M2 + M3 + M4 xgboost
Extra Extra SVM, Dual Slides: S4-SVM-optimDual optimize Extra M4 SMO
Extra Extra convex optim with Dual Slides: S4-SVMoptimDual-Extra optimize VC Theory
Extra Extra More on Boosting Slides: S4-DT-moreBoosting optimize

Section 5 - Not Supervised

1117 W13 Q12 Clustering Hier Slides: S5-clustering1-Hier tabular M1 + M2 compare Hier clusterings
1119 W13 Clustering Partition Slides: S5-clustering2-kMeans tabular M1 + M2 + (Extra M3) compare clusterings
Extra Extra Clustering GMM Slides: S5-clustering3-GMM tabular
Extra Extra Clustering GMM Slides: S5-EMextra advanced EM primer
Extra Extra self/semi-supervised Slides: Not-Ready advanced

Section 6 - Wrap Up

1124 W14 QM Review Slides: S6-review library video + HW1-3 Key HW4-key + Quiz-keys [ML Cheatsheets]
1202-11 W-Exam Project Presentations (on Dec7 and Dec8) Slides: Team Presentations [deep2reproduce]