Website for 2024 Spring-UVA-CS GenAI Risk and Benefits (Graduate Advanced)

Course Schedule and Notes

The schedule below is tentative and is continually subject to change; We will move at whatever pace we find comfortable.  

Date Week Title / Blogpost SlideDeck Reading Team Blog Team
0118 W1 Introduction on nlp basics instructor
0123 W2 LLM basics Slides: S0-Intro on llm basics instructor
0125 W2 Survey LLMs and Multimodal FMs Slides: S1-LLM on FM list instructor
01/30 W3 LLM evaluating framework Slides: W3-LLMEvaluation-Team5 team-5 team-1
0201 W3 GenAI Guardrails Slides: W3-Guardrail-Team3 team-3 team-2
0206 W4 Survey human alignment Slides: W4-LLM-Human-AlignmentTeam5 team-5 team-3
0208 W4 Open Source LLM - Mistral Data preparation Slides: W4-OpenSourceLLM team-6 team-6
0213 W5 Survey AI Risk framework Slides: W5-AI-RiskFramework team-4 team-4
0215 W5 FM copyright infrigement Slides: W5-FM-copyright-infrigement team-6 team-5
0220 W6 FM privacy leakage issues Slides: W6-FM-privacy-leakage team-4 team-1
0222 W6 FM fairness / bias issues Slides: W6-LLM-Bias-Fairness-Team5 team-5 team-2
0227 W7 FM toxicity / harmful outputs Slides: W7-LLM-harm team-1 team-3
0229 W7 LLM multimodal harm responses Slides: W7-multimodal-LLMharm team-3 team-4
0312 W8 More FM risk Slides: W8-Team3-P3-moreRisk.pdf team-3 team-5
0314 W8 Knowledge Augmented FMs Slides: W8-T1-KnowledgeAugmentedFMs.pdf team-1 team-6
0319 W9 LLM Hallucination Slides: W9-Team3-P4-hallucination team-3 team-1
0321 W9 Domain Centered FMs Slides: W9-T2-domain-LLM team-2 team-2
0326 W10 Model editing and Disgorgement Slides: W10-T5-ModelEditing team-5 team-3
0328 W10 LLM interpretibility, trust and knowledge conflicts Slides: W10-T6-LLMInterpretibility team-6 team-4
0402 W11 LLM Scaling law and Efficiency Slides: W11-ScalinglawEfficientLLM team-4 team-5
0404 W11 Prompt Engineering Slides: W11-team-2-prompt-engineering-2 team-2 team-6
0409 W12 Self-exam LLM and reasoning Slides: W12-team-2-self-exam-LLM team-2 team-1
0411 W12 LLM Agents Slides: W12-Team2-LLMAgents team-2 team-2
0416 W13 MultiAgent LLMs Slides: W13-MultiAgentLLMs team-4 team-3
0418 W13 Recent LLM basics Slides: W13-RecentLLMbasics team-1 team-4
0423 W14 LLM fine tuning Slides: W14-LLM-FineTuning team-1 team-5
0425 W14 Advanced Transformer Architectures Slides: W14_LLM_advanced_arch team-6 team-6
0430 W15 Bonus session on KV Cache, Tooling and WMDP Slides: W15-KVcahe-WMDP-Tools